Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Planning your Pet's Journey out of Sri Lanka - First thing to remember when exporting pets from Sri Lanka

If you are planning to travel to another country Sri Lanka (migrate or long term stay), and if you want to take your beloved Pet pal with you, then you need to carefully plan your Pet's whole journey along with yours...!

Pet's cannot travel in to different countries as easily as we travel. There are many things involved in it, and the worst thing is, if you are not able to fullfill the requirements, your Pet will have to suffer the consiquences!!
-  Extended period of quarantine (at your expense...)
-  The Pet being returned to the country of export (again... at your expense...)
-  or they might even decide to destroy the Pet!!

So you see, having all requirements fulfilled and having all paperwork in place is essential...

A Little piece of advice...
**some agents might say that they can try to sneak the pet in some how..., but my advice is, don't... don't try to take chances with this sort of thing... remember... the poor thing will have to suffer the consequences...

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