Thursday, October 13, 2016

Our new Airline Approved Dog Travel Crates

Our new improved Dog travel crates are manufactured according to IATA Standards and are accepted by all airlines. These are custom made crates that are made to fit your dog perfectly. 

The pricing is affordable and since it is the right fit for each dog you will save on the freight costs too. Where as the standard sizes maybe not spacious enough or too large for your dog. 

Call us on +94-779-457621 or +94-752-011990 to get the perfect crate made today!

The crate have ventilation on all 4 sides and comes with easy to operate safety locks, water and food bowls.  

It will take 7-8 days to complete a crate and we can arrange arrange delivery if you prefer.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Long Distance Ground transport for Pets in Sri Lanka

We have been in Pet relocation service for more than 05 years and we are proud to introduce our new Pet taxi service for long distance ground transport!!
We have experienced many times the difficulty of finding hired vehicles to transport pets (dogs, cats, birds and other small animals). Pets are very special to us and we want to provide them the best care. That is why we invested in this pet taxi service. This investment will help us provide you safe and secure ground transport for your pet.
We Offer the following services;
- Long distance ground transport
- Airport pick up and drop (Pets only)
We use travel crates that are made for pets to travel and that makes the pets journey very relaxing and comfortable.
Our vehicle is well maintained and very comfortable to travel in and we are very careful when driving with Pets to make sure that driving is smooth and have frequent stops during long journeys. The vehicle has AC and our rates are made for that. We don't offer non-AC unless there is a special need for that./
The owner or carer (max. up two adults) of the Pet can travel in the same vehicle, but there will be additional charge in this case for long journeys.
Our charges:
Short journeys - Metro Colombo (with AC):
0 km - 5 km ------> 1,500/=
Additinal km -------> 75km
waiting - 01 hour free / additional 1 hour 250/= (pro rata)
Long Journeys:
Please call for the rates.
Airport pickup / drop
Metro colombo - 6500/=
Please call for rates from any other location

Friday, November 6, 2015

ISO Standard Pet Microchips Available for affordable prices.

Here is good news for those who are relocating with their beloved Pets!

We now have ISO standard Microchips for sales! These are of excellent quality and made in Ireland according to international standards. We also have an ISO standard Microchip scanner. Therefore you do not need to worry about if the microchip does actually work. You can test it out yourself before buying :)

Price per 15-digit ISO Standard Microchip: USD 40

Current Status: Stock available

If you are buying more than 02 there are special discounts available.

If you are living away from Colombo, we are able to courier the Microchips to you safely for Standard fees. And you do not need to worry about the working condition of the microchip because we will scan it prior to sending and send you proof.

Pet Microchip is a great way to ensure your Pet's safety. The Microchip will ensure the identity of the Pet and the Pet's details will be directly linked to you. 

Rabies Serology Test (RNATT) - How do I get this done in Sri Lanka???

Rabies Neutralising Antibody Titre Test (RNATT) or most commonly called the Rabies serology test is increasingly becoming a MUST HAVE when relocating your pet from Sri Lanka to many different Rabies free or Rabies controlled countries.

As we have mentioned in our earlier post, Sri Lanka is not listed under "Approved Country List" to perform this testing. And many Rabies free countries have publised lists of approved Laboratories which can perform this test. So when travelling, we have to make sure that we get our furry friends tested at the correct Laboratory.

Here is the best news! Pet Travels Lanka is now able to take care of this completely for you. From Microchipping to Couriering the test samples to the designated approved Laboratories (ie. Approved Labs in UK, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Singapore, etc.)!

We are also able to provide you customised services. So you don't really have to come to colombo to get these done. We can make arrangements to get everything orgnised at your location with the support of your regular Vet. and we will be using the best and most reliable International courier DHL to take the test samples to the designated Laboratory. And most of all, we am sure we will be able to provide you with the best rates! Our charges will be LKR 20,000 for courier and papar work and the sampling and sample preparation at the lab will be charged as per your regular Vet's standard rates. The above will apply for Sampling within Metro colombo. But if you prefer to get the sampling done at a different location please do get in touch and we will help fulfill your requirement.

Please call us on +94(0) 752 011990 or email on  for more details

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

IATA Standard Airline Approved Travel Crates for your Pets

Airline Approved IATA Standard Travel Crate is a MUST when your Pet is relocating...

Please do get in touch with us and we will provide you with the right sized crate for your Pet for a very reasonable price. The prices range from LKR25,000 - LKR45,000

We have years of experience in manufacturing these crates and we assure to meet the international standards and exceed your expections in getting a quality product for the price you pay.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Charging of Custom Duty for Pet Dogs/Cats imported to Sri Lanka Via Air Cargo

As you may be aware, sometime we have to take the option of importing Pets (Dogs/Cats/birds) through "Manifest Cargo", because some airports and some airlines or routes only accept pets as "Cargo". Also, if the owner/caregiver is not travelling with the dog/cat, then the only option is to send the pet as "cargo"... 

Those of you with experience will know that it is expensive to import/export pets as "Manifest cargo". The major part of the expense in importing a pet as "Cargo" are the freight cost when exporting and the custom duty charges & clearance charges when importing.

Calculating the "total value" for which custom duty is charged, is based on the freight cost, the value of the pet, the value of insurance and the statutory tax charges in Sri Lanka. This theoretically totals up to about 50% of the total freight cost, but can be slightly varied due to different reasons at the time of import.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Importing Pet Birds to Sri Lanka

For those who are planning to travel to Sri Lanka with their birds, may find this piece of information useful...

Sri Lanka surely still has a ban on importing birds from Avian Influenza affected countries. But just because a country has reported cases of Bird flu, that doesn't mean that the ban towards these countries will be there forever...

Sri Lankan Government looks at the last reported case of Bird flu from a country and once they have investigated in to the current situation and the measures the exporting country has taken on eradicating bird flu, they consider imports, of course under quite a bit of regulations...

For an example: the ban on importing birds from Australia has been lifted!!

So if you have any plans of importing birds from any countries you will first need to investigate the current regulations pertaining towards that country. Also, leave a fairly big time frame to get everything organized...We at Pet Travels are quite happy to assist with those moves...