Tuesday, December 18, 2012

IATA Standard Pet Travel Crates - in Sri Lanka

At Pet Travels Lanka, we are able to provide custom made International Pet travel Crates for Dogs made according to IATA standards. It is also possible to make flight kennels for Cats, but, it is recommended to purchase the plastic pre-cast travel crates for cats because it weighs less, therefore it saves the cost of air freight... (contact us for more details)

We are also able to provide custom-made wooden crates made according to standards, which will cost you very much less than the plastic crates. We are also able to fumigate / heat-treat the crates according to requirements of different destination countries. (contact us for more details)


  1. How much are they for a dog about a Cavalier king Charles spaniel size?

  2. Hi, Could you please email us on pettravels.srilanka@gmail.com with the dimensions of your Pet so we can quote for the crate? Thank you.