Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Importing Pet Birds to Sri Lanka

For those who are planning to travel to Sri Lanka with their birds, may find this piece of information useful...

Sri Lanka surely still has a ban on importing birds from Avian Influenza affected countries. But just because a country has reported cases of Bird flu, that doesn't mean that the ban towards these countries will be there forever...

Sri Lankan Government looks at the last reported case of Bird flu from a country and once they have investigated in to the current situation and the measures the exporting country has taken on eradicating bird flu, they consider imports, of course under quite a bit of regulations...

For an example: the ban on importing birds from Australia has been lifted!!

So if you have any plans of importing birds from any countries you will first need to investigate the current regulations pertaining towards that country. Also, leave a fairly big time frame to get everything organized...We at Pet Travels are quite happy to assist with those moves...


  1. Hi I'm living in Malaysia. I'm a Sri lankan studying in Malaysia. I have a pet cockatoo bird.I want to know what is the procedure to take her to Sri lanka . Please get back to me.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Eranga, We sure can help. Can you please email us on ? Then we can continue to work out the move over email. Thank you.

  2. Hi.i am birds lover. I want to import birds from Cameroon.for my hobby.what is tha rules and regulations. Please let me know. Thanks.