Friday, November 6, 2015

Rabies Serology Test (RNATT) - Travel with your Pet from Sri Lanka

Rabies Serology Test (RNATT) - How do I get this done while I am in Sri Lanka???

Rabies Neutralising Antibody Titre Test (RNATT) or most commonly called the Rabies serology test is increasingly becoming a MUST HAVE when relocating your pet from Sri Lanka to many different Rabies free or Rabies controlled countries.

As we have mentioned in our earlier post, Sri Lanka is not listed under "Approved Country List" to perform this testing. And many Rabies free countries have publised lists of EU approved Laboratories which can perform this test. So when travelling, we have to make sure that we get our furry friends tested at the correct Laboratory.

Here is the best news! Pet Travels Lanka is now able to take care of this completely for you. From Microchipping to Couriering the test samples to the designated approved Laboratories (ie. Approved Labs in UK, Australia, Singapore, UAE etc. currently there is a restriction in sending test samples to Europe)!

Pet Travels Lanka proud to be able to provide you a very customised services. So you don't have to come to Colombo to get this done. We can make arrangements to get everything orgnised at your location with the support of your regular Vet. and we will be using the best and most reliable International courier DHL to take the test samples to the designated Laboratory. And most of all, we assure you the best rates! Please contact us through email or call us on +94(0)779457621 or +94(0)752011990 for the latest rates. 

Please call us on +94(0) 752 011990 or email on  for more details

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