Saturday, November 28, 2015

Long Distance Ground transport for Pets in Sri Lanka

We have been in Pet relocation service for more than 05 years and we are proud to introduce our new Pet taxi service for long distance ground transport!!
We have experienced many times the difficulty of finding hired vehicles to transport pets (dogs, cats, birds and other small animals). Pets are very special to us and we want to provide them the best care. That is why we invested in this pet taxi service. This investment will help us provide you safe and secure ground transport for your pet.
We Offer the following services;
- Long distance ground transport
- Airport pick up and drop (Pets only)
We use travel crates that are made for pets to travel and that makes the pets journey very relaxing and comfortable.
Our vehicle is well maintained and very comfortable to travel in and we are very careful when driving with Pets to make sure that driving is smooth and have frequent stops during long journeys. The vehicle has AC and our rates are made for that. We don't offer non-AC unless there is a special need for that./
The owner or carer (max. up two adults) of the Pet can travel in the same vehicle, but there will be additional charge in this case for long journeys.
Our charges:
Short journeys - Metro Colombo (with AC):
0 km - 5 km ------> 1,500/=
Additinal km -------> 75km
waiting - 01 hour free / additional 1 hour 250/= (pro rata)
Long Journeys:
Please call for the rates.
Airport pickup / drop
Metro colombo - 6500/=
Please call for rates from any other location


  1. Hi fellas,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful article really!
    If someone want to read more about that Pet relocation I think this is the right place for you!

  2. I agree with your blog post that , care is very importent during travel of pets as well as transport one destination to another destionation.

  3. I also agree that care is very important when traveling with pets, as well as for transportation from one destination to another place. And the main thing is to prepare for the trip of your pet still at home before leaving. Learn as much as possible in my blog - frog in well

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  5. I would like to transport my dog from Galle to Kandy. Can u tell me how much that would cost?

    1. Hi Emma. Could you please text us on +94752011990 and I will forward the rates. Thank you :)

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  8. I would like to transport my dog from yakkala to kadawatha and again to yakkala.can you tell me how much that would cost?