Friday, November 6, 2015

ISO Standard Pet Microchips Available for affordable prices.

Here is good news for those who are relocating with their beloved Pets!

We now have ISO standard Microchips for sales! These are of excellent quality and made in Ireland according to international standards. We also have an ISO standard Microchip scanner. Therefore you do not need to worry about if the microchip does actually work. You can test it out yourself before buying :)

Price per 15-digit ISO Standard Microchip: USD 30

Current Status: Stock available

If you are buying more than 02 there are special discounts available.

If you are living away from Colombo, we are able to courier the Microchips to you safely for Standard fees. And you do not need to worry about the working condition of the microchip because we will scan it prior to sending and send you proof.

Pet Microchip is a great way to ensure your Pet's safety. The Microchip will ensure the identity of the Pet and the Pet's details will be directly linked to you. 

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