Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Health requirements for importing Cats to Sri Lanka

The importer should forward an International Veterinary Certificate issued by the Government Veterinary Authority in the exporting country of cats attesting that;

  • The cat is clinically healthy, free from signs of any infectious and contagious diseases at the time of dispatch;
  •  The cat  was not in contact with any animal showing any clinical signs of any infectious or contagious disease including rabies, Aujeszky’s disease, Filariasis, Leptospirosis for a period of minimum three (03) months immediately prior to embarkation;
  •  The  cat has been vaccinated using recognized vaccines against feline  panleucopaenia and rabies not less than thirty (30) days and not more than six (06) months immediately prior to embarkation;
  •  The cat has been  treated for intestinal parasites using  a broad- spectrum anthelmintic and, treated for external parasites within seven (07) days immediately prior to shipment using a reliable parasiticide;.
  •  The  cat has been free from any blood parasite (blood test reports should be forwarded as proof).

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