Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rabies Antibody Test (Rabies Serology Test) - How do I get this done when in Sri Lanka???

Many have questions about the Rabies Antibody Test (RNATT) or the Rabies Serology Test, specially when residing in Sri Lanka, expecting to export your Pet Dog/Cat... We have answered many of the common question regarding this...

Why is the Rabies serology test done for dogs/cats to be exported from Sri Lanka?
A valid rabies vaccination on its own is not sufficient for dogs and cats to enter certain countries with "Rabies free" status, from countries classified as "Third countries" with an unfavorable rabies status, which includes Sri Lanka. All dogs and cats from "third countries" have to demonstrate a neutralizing Rabies Antibody titre of at least 0.5 IU/ml of serum to be eligible for importation into the EU and other countries with "rabies free" status.

When should this test be done?
Within minimum of thirty (30) days and a maximum of six (06) months after the last Rabies vaccination.

Any special requirements before doing this test?
one - the test should be done within the above period.
 two - the dog/cat needs to be microchiped before the test is done.

How is this test done?
Blood will need to be drawn by a Vet, then be separated. Then the separated serum (minimum 1 ml serum) should be sent to an approved Laboratory for testing. 

Where in Sri Lanka do they perform this test?
There is no approved Laboratory to perform this this test in Sri Lanka. All samples are sent to an approved Laboratory overseas through special medical courier.

How do I get a serum sample and send it overseas then? What about the microchip?
We can get the samples couriered to the specified approved Laboratory. Please contact us for more details). 

We provide high quality ISO standard microchips for a very reasonable price and we possess a scanner as well. Therefore you do not need to worry about the functioning of the microchip, as well will certainly test it prior and post installation.

We can courier the microchips to any location in Sri Lanka through reliable inland courier services.

What if I live very far from Colombo and finds it difficult to take the animal down to Colombo for testing?
Don't worry... We can make arrangements so that you don't have to travel with your pet to Colombo at all!! (contact us for more details) 

What would be the cost?
The charges will be around USD 350 (an exact quote can be given at the time of request) for the whole process of testing (sampling, courier & testing), excluding the microchips...

How will I receive the test results?
You will receive the results by post to your Sri Lankan address within about 2 - 3 weeks. Make sure to provide the correct address and contact number in the sample submission form. Remember, you will need the original of the Rabies Serology test certificate to apply for the export permit...


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