Monday, July 16, 2012

Importing Pet Birds to Sri Lanka

Import of Pet Birds to Sri Lanka can be a bit more complicated than importing cats or Dogs... specially if they are exotic birds...

First, a Letter of request needs to be sent to the Department of Animal Production and Health (DAPH) in Sri Lanka, along with a short detail of your pet/s (breed, no. of animals, expected date of travel, reason for import, etc.) plus details of the importer... Once they review your request, they will inform you of the health requirements and the documents needed for the particular import. You may have to take CITIES permit as well... depending on the import requirements for the particular type of bird you are looking to import...

Remember...., before you send in the application for CITIES permit (if needed), make sure that you have prepared the cage and the surrounding according to specifications given in CITIES under the specific category your bird belongs to. Because the officers will inspect the premises where the bird will be kept, before they issue the CITIES permit... CITIES permit issued by the Department of Wildlife in Sri Lanka.

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