Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Health Requirements for importing Pet Dogs to Sri Lanka

1.  The Importer should forward an International Veterinary Certificate attesting the following...
·         Dog has been kept in the exporting country  since birth or for the  six (06) months period immediately prior to export to Sri Lanka ;
·         Dog was found to be free of any infectious or any contagious diseases at the time of dispatch;
·     The dog was not in contact with any animals showing any clinical sign of any infectious or contagious disease including Aujeszky's disease, Filariasis, Leptospirosis, Rabies, Canine distemper, Infectious hepatitis, Canine parvo virus infection, and Dermatomycosis for a period of minimum three (03) months immediately prior to embarkation;
·         The exporting country  of the animal is either free from rabies. If not, the origin of the animal is an area free from quarantine restrictions for rabies and not within a radius of  25 km from the nearest known case of rabies during the period of minimum six (06) months immediately prior to embarkation;
2.  Vaccination & blood test requirements
·    The exporting country  of the animal is free from heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) infestation, Leishmaniasis. For heartworm infestation, a test have been carried out with negative test result if not country free status should declared by a government veterinarian. The dog is free from any blood parasite.
·    The animal was vaccinated against Rabies using an anti-rabies vaccine conforming to the potency standard given by the World Health Organization (WHO), not less than thirty (30) days and not more than six (06) months immediately prior to embarkation;
·      In case of puppies under the age of three (03) months, the Dam of the animal had been vaccinated against Rabies not less than thirty (30) days and not more than six (06) months prior to the birth of this animal;
·   The animal was  vaccinated using recognized vaccines against Canine distemper,    Infectious hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Canine parvo virus infection not less than twenty one (21) days and not more than four (04) months immediately prior to embarkation;
3.  Other
·    The animal was treated within seven (07) days prior to shipment with a broad- spectrum anthelminthic recognized for its ability to eliminate internal helminths of dog.
·    The animal was treated for external parasites within seven (07) days immediately prior  to shipment using a reliable parasiticide.

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